WebPlus X5 Resource Guide, Serif Europe Limited | Paperback Book | Good |. EUR ; + EUR postage. Free returns. From United Kingdom. Lots of presentations demonstrating the skills of “How to” perform certain actions in Serif Web Plus X5 - including template creation, creating. Find great deals for WebPlus X5 Resource Guide by Serif Europe Limited (Paperback, ). Shop with confidence on eBay!


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Serif Europe Ltd

Desktop site is redirected to mobile site automatically if opened on a device having a smaller display size. Smart Objects — It is a very special feature hosted by Serif.


With the help of Smart Objects, you can add blog, forum, login, booking system, dynamic site search and much more to your website. This way your can make your static website work like a dynamic CMS website.

Advanced content sliders — Adding a slider with multiple webplus x5 resource guide is an easy task in Webplus X8. You can discover one of the best slider creator tool working with Webplus X8. Create advanced effects with panels — Panel is a specialized module of Webplus that lets you show hide content, hover effect, tabbed content etc.

Master page — Master page is the page that if you select for A, B, C pages all the three pages will have the content of that master page and if you webplus x5 resource guide any change in that master page, all the three pages will reflect the the same change.

Base one style on another to create a hierarchy so that editing the parent style will affect all of its children. Change Case — From the Text menu, Change case submenu, change the case of the selected text to: Toggle Character Code — Use this command shortcut Alt X after a character to get its hexadecimal Unicode character code, e.

Autofit — Intelligently resize text webplus x5 resource guide fit the current text frame. Frame Setup — Set the frame margins for HTML text frames, or set the number of columns, gutter width, and margins for Creative text frames.

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Overflowing Text — If there is too much text for the current text frame, choose to hide it, or show a scroll bar automatically or always. Vertical Alignment — Align text vertically in a text frame or quick shape. Tables and Calendars WebPlus includes webplus x5 resource guide table and calendar features from PagePlus, making it easy to create tabular layouts of club fixtures, competition results, product price lists, and so forth.

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Automated calendars offer many different layouts, and the calendar format editor extends the default styles to produce all kinds of designs.

Inserting Images A wide webplus x5 resource guide of popular image formats can be imported: Images can webplus x5 resource guide left floating in the page, placed inline allowing text to wrap around them, or placed to behave as characters that flow with the text.

Image export options determine how they are output.

Books by Serif Europe Limited

Run the Image Export Manager from the Tools menu to set the options for each image. WebPlus comes with a selection of clip-art and stock photos. Open the Gallery tab on the right to select clip-art, open the Media Bar at webplus x5 resource guide bottom of the window to browse the collection of photos.


Add your own photos to new albums in the media bar, and organise them for each project. Drag and drop images onto the page, or into picture frames.

Serif WebPlus Books

Search albums using image tags. Manipulating Images Images can be adjusted using the context toolbar, recoloured using the swatches tab, special effects can be applied, and tools can be used to crop, resize, or rotate them.

Artistic effects or Pro Edits can be applied using PhotoLab or edited in PhotoPlus if you preferand unwanted parts of photos can be removed using the Webplus x5 resource guide Cutout Studio. Metafiles can be converted to curves and ungrouped to break them apart.


Selected objects can be converted to bitmaps, or exported in popular image formats at the desired resolution. This will not change the shape or size of the placed picture, so unless webplus x5 resource guide image is replaced with one of the same dimensions ratio it will be distorted.

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