Visceral manipulation (VM) will probably be unfamiliar to most of my readers, but its promoters say it has been adopted by osteopathic. It's not a totally new revelation in the massage world. Visceral manipulation has been around since the mid '80s, when French osteopath. Visceral Manipulation (VM) was developed by French Osteopath, Jean-Pierre Barral. He was named one of TIME Magazine's Top Six Innovators for Alternative.


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Discover Visceral Manipulation

They employed x-ray fluoroscopy and ultrasound to record changes in position and motion, as well as fluid exchange and evacuation. Later they conducted additional research with a team of electrical engineers and visceral manipulation using infrared emissions from the body.

Since then visceral manipulation has trained a team of International Teachers that teach Visceral Manipulation seminars around the world. He has also authored numerous textbooks for healthcare professionals, including: Jean-Pierre Barral has also authored visceral manipulation book for the general public, Understanding the Messages of Your Body, which discusses the link between our organs and our emotions.

Barral continues to research and develop manual therapy techniques while maintaining a full clinical practice.

Discover Visceral Manipulation

Thanks to his pioneering work, candidates in several European countries must now pass a rigorous test in Visceral Manipulation visceral manipulation earn a diploma in osteopathy, as they have adopted his Visceral Manipulation techniques, just as many other manual therapy visceral manipulation around the world.

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Excellent visual for your clinic, Share in your enewsletters for your clients. Flyer to pass out.

How Does Visceral Manipulation work? Visceral Manipulation is used to locate and solve problems throughout the body.

Visceral Manipulation

It encourages your own natural mechanisms to improve the functioning of your organs, dissipate the negative effects of stress, enhance mobility of visceral manipulation musculoskeletal system through the connective tissue attachments, and influence general visceral manipulation.

I maintain that visceral massage is a metaphysical experience paralleled by biological responses.


There is a running dialogue between the gut and the brain that an experienced massage therapist can facilitate by providing a positive visceral manipulation between them.

While we have addressed some of the science and ancient art connected with visceral massage therapy, there are many more components to understanding how therapeutic massage techniques can address the sensitive digestive system and the emotions related visceral manipulation the brain-gut connection.

Visceral massage is part of both functional medicine and ancient traditional therapy. Our course offerings are based on the model of evidence informed practice, which Sackett defined as balancing clinical research with clinical experience and patient values.

Some of our course offerings… were… based on extensive review of the literature and are clearly advertised as evidence based. The Board of Directors… embrace the instruction of visceral mobilization under the tenets of clinical experience and patient values. We disagree that this is pseudoscientific in nature but also recognize that clinical trials do not support its use and therefore do not advertise as evidence based.


If individuals are not comfortable with the level of evidence supporting this coursework, there is no obligation to take it for any of the SoWH certificates or to sit for the WCS.

We support any treatment that can provide positive anecdotes. We believe the plural of anecdote is data. It is well documented that our emotions have a great impact on how our body functions, and this is greatly due to how receptive organs are to our feelings. Different emotions affect different organs.

Emotional reactions can translate into simple spasms in the gallbladder to heartburn, vomiting, feeling faint, ulcers, and serious diseases. When the brain receives negative emotions it sends tension to the related organ, the organ then sends tension back to the visceral manipulation resulting in a vicious cycle.

Conversely, a physically damaged or imbalanced organ can stimulate emotional upset. VM can break this cycle, enhance the health of the organ, and restore emotional balance. How Visceral manipulation Visceral Manipulation Begin?

He first became interested in the movement of the body biomechanics while working at the Lung Disease Hospital in Grenoble, France with Dr.

Arnaud, a recognized specialist in lung diseases and a master of cadaver dissection. In research done on rats with abdominal adhesions, organ massage was found to both reduce and prevent the adhesions, as published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

While it can't be assumed the same would hold true for humans, it gives a little merit to the practice of organ massage in general.


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