ON BEHALF OF THE SKILLED TRADES MEMBERSHIP OF THE UAW. A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS,. THE INTERNATIONAL UNION-UAW. Tag: Skilled Trades. UAW statement on Volkswagen violating federal law decision supporting efforts among Volkswagen skilled-trades employees to secure. Skilled Trades jobs offer some of the most rewarding work in the auto industry – both personally and financially. Journeymen (and women) possess specialized.


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Please click the link to view the waitlist website: This course provides the uaw skilled trades knowledge and skills of your trade. Back at your plant, you will complete rotation assignments with various journeypersons from your trade, coursework at a local training provider, and advanced training back at the TTC.

Your progress will be monitored by interim reviews with your local JAC Rep.

Joint Apprentice Program | UAW-Ford National Programs Center

These assessments give the Union, the Company and you the opportunity to review your progress and make any necessary modifications to your individual training plan. In total, it will take about four years for you to complete uaw skilled trades apprenticeship.

At Chrysler, skilled trades workers are finding big problems concealed in the last concessions contract, as management thins their numbers to the bare minimum and gets barely trained uaw skilled trades workers to take on their dangerous work.

Skilled trades work is known as the best work in an auto plant: Shotgun Wedding After its bankruptcy, Chrysler was forced into a shotgun wedding with Fiat.

Skill Trades Department

The International union would get to blame requirements of the Uaw skilled trades. The true size and magnitude of union concessions became known to workers only after the ratification of a contract short on details and long on promises.

Two-tier wages and benefits for new hires, the loss of cost-of-living adjustments to base pay, paying overtime only after 40 hours per week instead of eight uaw skilled trades per day, instituting a draconian attendance policy designed to fire employees, consolidation of skilled workers into fewer trades, and the shredding of work-rule protections were all part of the bankruptcy deal.

Think of the Parthenon on display boards. Part of this innovative approach to plant maintenance is based on the groundbreaking principle that if you clean and maintain production equipment, it runs better!

Evil Genius No one is against clean, well-running equipment.

The evil genius of autonomous maintenance is that it will force stressed-out lower-wage workers to do skilled trades work on the cheap. Under autonomous maintenance, production workers jump on idled production lines and get uaw skilled trades and dirty: The company is the big winner.

UAW Contract’s Hidden Surprises for Skilled Trades

To become a fully qualified skilled trades uaw skilled trades, you have to complete a four-year apprenticeship or work eight years in a specific trade as a trainee.

Best-Selling Book Secrets of a successful organizer A step-by-step guide to building power on the job.


Guess who the company would rather see on the job? Guess what—the cleaned and maintained autonomous lines ran better than the dirty old neglected ones.

I am sure the awarding of gold stars and bonuses to managers depended on this outcome.

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