Natasha Walter finds bleakness beneath Candace Bushnell's fun and froth in Trading Up. Candace Bushnell is turning heads The New York Times bestseller, now in paperback. When Trading Up was published in July, readers. Candace Bushnell is turning heads The New York Times bestseller, now in paperback. When Trading Up was published in July, readers from coast to coast.


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trading up candace bushnell Janey's supposedly shameful past feels like a hurried back story, written up only to serve the needs of the plot. Is it really likely that in contemporary New York, if it were discovered that a model had once been given money for sexual favours, film stars would stride out of restaurants as she walked in?

The fact that most of the book takes place within the inner circle Janey once longed to penetrate also dulls its edges.

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Bushnell trading up candace bushnell best at depicting the people on the fringes of the in-crowd, who would sacrifice all their dignity for a brush with celebrity. Janey was far more intriguing in Four Blondes when she was desperate for somewhere to stay in the Hamptons, than when she is stepping up the red carpet in this novel.


Yet there is something that sticks in the memory after Trading Up is closed, and it isn't what trading up candace bushnell expect. Some of the characters' names are trading up candace bushnell to add to this cartoonish impression and sound like a cross between Martin Amis and Harry Potter - Comstock Dibble and Roditzy Deardrum are particular favourites - but this is Bushnell's New York, and there's almost certainly less exaggeration than British readers might like to imagine.

The popularity of Sex and the City on television means that the world of Bushnell's fiction has been fully visualised for most women in the West, and her pleasure in describing clothes, bags, shoes and apartments reinforces the dramatic qualities of her writing.

If only she brought the same attention to detail to all her prose, she might properly deserve the highbrow literary comparisons; her writing can veer in the space of a paragraph from the pithiest insights into human nature and the transactions of love, worthy of Dorothy Parker or dare we say it?

Austen herself to the kind of repetitive trading up candace bushnell that suggest laziness rather than lack of imagination.

Every time Zizi, the gorgeous Argentine polo player, appears, he is trading up candace bushnell as 'a young god'; every time Janey feels stifled by social expectation, she feels as if she is either 'drowning' or 'stifling'; with a more stringent editor, this might have been a very classy piece of work.

Review: Trading Up by Candace Bushnell | Books | The Guardian

In this human cartoon, each of the characters is equipped with an empty thought bubble. No one enjoys sex just for sex.

trading up candace bushnell Here, the primary sound of sex is the zipper being zipped, as opposed to in Sex and the City, where it was at least a deeply satisfying stage Carrie and friends passed through on the way to possible matrimony.

Sex is all utility, part of the bargain; even their orgasms are jaded.

Trading Up (novel) - Wikipedia

Determined to become a movie producer, Janey attempts to maneuver her way to the top of the New York social scene by any means necessary, including using her younger sister and her brother-in-law, a popular rock star, for her own ends.

Eventually it is revealed that Janey's reputation as a prostitute is rather well-deserved and a past indiscretion with a powerful media mogul is publicly revealed. Janey's reputation is ruined and she splits from her husband, fleeing to Los Angeles. In the end Janey has managed to get an old, crudely written screenplay written years earlier into the hands trading up candace bushnell the right people in Hollywood and is poised to embark on trading up candace bushnell new path as a Hollywood movie producer.

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