A tokamak (Russian: Токамáк) is a device which uses a powerful magnetic field to confine a hot Tokamaks were invented in the s by Soviet physicists Igor Tamm and Andrei Sakharov, inspired by a letter by Oleg Lavrentiev. It had been  ‎Spherical tokamak · ‎ADITYA (tokamak) · ‎ETE (tokamak) · ‎COMPASS tokamak. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. Advanced tokamak physics-status and prospects. To cite this article: R J Goldston et al Plasma Phys. Control. Nuclear Physics and Technology of Tokamak Reactors. Slide 5 of • Fusion reactions exothermic up to 56Fe due to positive binding energy.


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Spitzer ascribed the difference between the Bohm and classical diffusion rates to turbulence in the plasma, [35] and believed the steady fields of the stellarator would not tokamak physics from this problem.

Tokamak Physics

Various experiments at that time suggested the Bohm rate did not apply, and that the classical formula was correct. In tokamak physics presence of gravity, there is a small pressure gradient in the plasma, formerly small tokamak physics to ignore but now becoming something that had to be addressed.


This led to the addition of yet another set of magnets inwhich produced a vertical field that offset these effects. These were a success, and by the mids the machines began to show signs that they were tokamak physics the Bohm limit.

Tokamak | physics |

Spitzer, reviewing the presentations, suggested that the Bohm limit may still apply; the results were within the range of experimental error of results seen on the stellarators, and the temperature measurements, based on the magnetic fields, were simply tokamak physics trustworthy.

By this time two additional tokamak designs tokamak physics been completed, TM-2 inand T-4 in Results from T-3 had continued to improve, and similar results were coming from early tests of the new reactors.

If correct, they represented an enormous leap for the fusion community. Spitzer remained sceptical, noting that the temperature measurements were still based on tokamak physics indirect calculations from the magnetic properties of the plasma.

Tokamak - Wikipedia

Many concluded they were due to an effect known as runaway electronsand that the Soviets were measuring only those extremely energetic electrons and not the bulk temperature.

The Soviets countered with several arguments suggesting the temperature they were measuring was Maxwellianand the debate raged. Among these was the use of a laser to directly measure the temperature of the bulk electrons using Thompson scattering.

This technique was well known and respected in tokamak physics fusion community. At tokamak physics height of the cold warin what is still considered a major political manoeuvre on Artsimovich's part, British physicists were allowed to visit the Kurchatov Institute, the heart of the Soviet nuclear bomb effort.

After tokamak physics lengthy installation and calibration process, the team measured the temperatures over a period of many experimental runs.

Initial results were available by August ; the Soviets were correct, tokamak physics results were accurate. The team phoned the results home to Culham, who then passed them along in a confidential phone call to Washington.

Because the electrical current in the plasma was much lower and produced much less compression than a pinch machine, this meant the temperature of the plasma was limited to the resistive heating tokamak physics of the current.

First proposed inSpitzer resistivity stated that the electrical resistance of a plasma was reduced as the temperature increased, [46] meaning the heating rate of the plasma would slow as the devices improved and temperatures were pressed higher.

Artsimovich had been quick to point this out in Novosibirsk, stating that future progress would require new heating methods to be developed. Tokamak physics of the few other devices to show clear evidence of beating the Bohm limit at that time was the multipole concept.

T-3 greatly outperformed both; Bishop tokamak physics concerned that the multipoles were redundant and thought the US should consider a tokamak of its own. Gottlieb of Princeton was exasperated, asking "Do you think that this committee can out-think the scientists?

Oak Ridge had originally entered the fusion field with studies for reactor fueling systems, but branched out into a mirror program of their own. By the mids, their DCX designs tokamak physics running out of ideas, offering nothing that the similar program at the more prestigious and politically powerful Livermore didn't.

This made them the only major US lab that was highly receptive to new concepts. Primary among them was the way the external field was created tokamak physics a single large copper block, fed power from a large transformer below the torus.

This was as opposed to traditional designs that used magnet windings on the outside.

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