Sony introduces the HDCL HD camera system equipped with sophisticalted three-chip 2/3-inch CCD image sensors and the latest bit A/D converter to. Sony has dropped two new studio and live sport broadcast cameras into the line-up. The HDC and HDC Equipped with a newly developed optical. top-of-the-range HDC incorporates Sony's ad- vanced technologies for studio cameras. A newly de- veloped 2/3-inch CCD and the new Digital Signal Pro-.


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Sony HDC | HDC HD Multi-Format Camera

We are confident that sony hdc 2500 renewed partnership with Sony will not only deliver on this, but will provide us sony hdc 2500 increasingly innovative solutions as we look ahead. The development of these cameras has been driven by our customers — our team uses their constant feedback to create platforms that suit the need for constant innovation among the challenging demands of Live Production.

You can also monitor a live feed, which is ideal for setups - such as a news conference - where the camera will be placed somewhere that people aren't allowed during the event.


The NFC feature saves time, allowing you to pair the camera with NFC-enabled mobile devices simply by sony hdc 2500 the device to the camera. Sony won the tender after a comprehensive process involving multiple broadcast camera companies.

Competition is fierce on the sony hdc 2500 market and our customers are always looking for more creativity and innovation to make the difference. Furthermore, when using 24P operation, the built-in pull-down function of the HDC enables 60i down-converted SD signals to be output on a standard SD monitor —a capability that also sony hdc 2500 the flickers that generally occur on the viewfinder.

New large lens adaptor design with sony hdc 2500, cable-free docking The HDLA large lens adaptor includes a unique mechanism which allows the HDC to be quickly and easily attached and detached without removing the large lens.

Transparent digital fibre optic transmission The HDC provides a fully digital transmission link to the base station.

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