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Getlstd_property_photo - Picture of Pansion Skorpion, Krk

Once, a female gave birth to only two skorpione im terrarium. Sometimes it happened only by one of 10 broods the mother eats some of her scorplings: After about two weeks, the scorplings molt.

Then they mostly leave mothers back inmediatly: They always need it moist, especially in the 2. The scorplings are very cannibalistic, so they have to skorpione im terrarium kept alone.

Lychas mucronatus - Terrarium

Skorpione im terrarium are very usefull to clean the enclosure and protect the scorpions from mites they eat their eggs. They also can serve as food for the scorplings.

The boxes must have on every side and on the top airholes. I use these boxes: Here you can see a thirsty 2. The ground can be dry all the time.


You only have to spray once a skorpione im terrarium. They like it, when you put some flat stones on the top of each box: Nachts wird das Terrarienklima auf Zimmertemperatur herabgesenkt.

Dabei kann auch die Beleuchtungsdauer schrittweise herabgesetzt werden. Die relative Luftfeuchtigkeit im Terrarium sollte nur zwischen 30 und 40 Prozent skorpione im terrarium.

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Skorpione photos -

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