The Profitable Side Project. Handbook a practical guide to developing a product business. Rachel Andrew. Sample Chapter. Buy the complete book. Side Project Books is a curated collection of books for anyone interested in of makers all over the world at different stages of building their side business. For businesses, giving resources and time to side projects has proven kid who just inked a book deal based on his dog rating side project.


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The 7 Key Ingredients in Successful Side Projects

Need to know more? Read on to view the side project book of contents or download a sample chapter. In I was one half of a successful web development consultancy business, working alongside my husband developing sites for clients. We launched our product Perch as a side project alongside our client work.

It became profitable within 24 hours of going side project book sale, has now taken well over half a million dollars in revenue, and as of the beginning of became our entire business.

Must Read Books for Makers - Books - MakeSideProject

Book Side project book Criteria When it comes to books, there are tens of thousands of choices. Here is the criteria I used for selecting, and recommending the following 5 to you: As little fluff as possible.

The ideas should be realistic and actionable.


Skills are easy and cheap to acquire. A strong mindset is required to take consistent, focused action. Each book is either the source of original ideas, or curates the best thinking available. Each book should side project book a quick, densely insightful read.

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Based on those parameters, here are the reading side project book, with summaries for each: This book vaulted Tim Ferris to the top of the business thinker heap. I am specifically side project book in revisiting the concepts of: Business Idea Testing — Tim used Google ads and landing pages to test product ideas.

Before we launch our project, I want to make sure there is a viable market. Selective Ignorance — Too many inputs are grinding productivity to a stop, and introducing unnecessary anxiety.


This side project book helps create time and focus for the important work. If you are interested in the book, I would suggest checking out your local used book store first. For example on the iPad you will notice that the cascading animations are very smooth and realistic.

I have spent a lot of time getting this right.


How did you know this would be a worthy project, and how did you get started? Well once [name] joined us we had enough manpower to actually build it out, and it was our best idea that a we continually used side project book [thanks to the original JavaScript prototype], and side project book could generate revenue via affiliate relationships.

Who will challenge the way you think and push you into uncharted territory?

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Be Okay with Failure Side project book, and try, and try again. Big, audacious goals are great. Building and launching a side project is about the experience, and the people you meet along the way.

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