List of OC's in the Sacrifices Arc. I think this is most of them. (It doesn't include people mentioned only in passing, dead characters who have no impact on the. The Sacrifices Arc is an epic Harry Potter AU by Lightning Wave. It is famous, among other things, for being several million words (s)‎: ‎Lightning Wave. And the entire middle arc with Falco Parkinson was a little unnecessary, but the fifth book fight with Voldemort was amazing. Not a huge fan of  Sacrifices Arc by Lightning on the Wave - is it worth it.


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Werewolf Alphas, unlike wolf alphas, cannot be challenged because they have compulsion over their packmates.


It's also possible to turn a non-werewolf into sacrifices arc Alpha. Harry becomes the Alpha of Loki's pack without turning into a werewolf. Hawthorn outlives not only her husband, but Pansy sacrifices arc well. Lily in the third book.

Harry in from the fifth book and up, though he only uses it occasionally due to it coming from Fawkes' Sacrifices arc Sacrifice against the Wild Dark.

Also, Adalrico and Millicent Bulstrode.

Saving Connor (Sacrifices Arc, #1) by Lightning on the Wave

Harry and Connor, in the early books: Connor is 'innocent,' spoiled, Light, and Gryffindor, while Harry is 'tainted' at least to Lily and Dumbledore, suicidally selfless, Dark again, to Lily and Dumbledore, sacrifices arc he also appears as such sacrifices arc most Light families - he's really a mix of the two, and Slytherin.

But really, that just touches the tip of the iceberg, and they become more sympathetic to each other as they get older.

Pretentious Latin Sacrifices arc - a number of pureblood families have Latin mottos. These include the Bulstrodes Duramus - we endureand the Yaxleys Vita desinit, decus permanit - life is fleeting, glory remains.

The Sacrifices Arc - Fanlore

Luna Lovegood possess a variation of this power, allowing her to communicate with objects rather than having visions. Evan Rosier at times.

I archived here, on Fanfiction. There's a list of the OC's who matter most to the Arc at http: A lot of people have asked me this, so I'll put the answer here in case anyone's interested in it: Yes, I sacrifices arc write this story as I went.

As for the creepiness, it is literraly a mix between sacrifices arc Black Magic and Living Shadow Dark Is Not Evil - Dark Magic is magic which subverts someone's free will, but doesn't have to be evil. In fact, many of the good guys are Dark wizards who aren't psychopathic killers and thus don't want to follow Voldemort.

There are former Death Eaters on Harry's side as well as Voldemort's. Darker and Edgier - While the canon Harry Potter gets darker as it goes, this series starts there and grows increasingly more tragic as it goes on.

Sacrifices Arc series

Department of Child Disservices Disproportionate Retribution: Harry has suffered extreme mental and physical abuse, most of which carried itself into his psyche years after he finally broke the web that had held sacrifices arc magic and free will sacrifices arc for the better part of his childhood, thus causing him to never lead the normal life that Connor did despite the fact that he wasn't even the one who was supposed to save the world, all sacrifices arc the name of the Greater Good.

Despite the fact that lesser instances of child abuse warrant the death penalty, Harry pleads with anyone who'll listen that what Lily, James, and Dumbledore did wasn't that bad.


He even succeeds in convincing the Wizangamot to only put his parents into Tullianum for life. Indigena Sacrifices arc fixes that soon enough.

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