It's no coincidence that Richard Siken's Crush, winner of the Yale Younger Poet prize, can be described with the same vocabulary as an. Crush is Richard Siken's winning entry in the Yale Series of Younger Poets Competition, the longest-running poetry competition in the United States. In honor of Valentine's Day this week, I want to celebrate a book of poems I'm in love with. Richard Siken's Crush changed poetry for me; after.


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And not just any film, but a campy genre film. Which genre depends on the poem.

Bookslut | Crush by Richard Siken

There is the melodrama: The radio aches a little tune that tells richard siken crush story of what the night is thinking.

That "Tell me about the dream where we pull the bodies out of the lake and dress them in warm clothes again. That means it's noon, that means we're inconsolable.

Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us. These, our bodies, possessed by light.

Cult Classic: Richard Siken’s Crush - The

In Crush, it seems that it is not enough to be loved -- you also have to feel every minute of panic and drama that goes with it, feelings both emotional richard siken crush physical.

Crush by Richard Siken. Your boyfriend Jeff gets up to answer the phone. To them he is a mirror, but to you he is a room. Please let it be the right one.

Two motorbikes have fallen over on the richard siken crush, leaking oil into the dirt, while the interlocking brothers grapple and swing. You see them through the backseat window as you and your parents drive past.

You are twelve years old. You do not have a brother. You have never experienced anything this ferocious or intentional with another person. Your father richard siken crush fiddling with the knobs of the radio.

Crush by Richard Siken

There is an empty space next to richard siken crush in the backseat of the station wagon. Make it the shape of everything you need. You are in an ordinary suburban bedroom with bunk beds, a bookshelf, two wooden desks and chairs.

You are lying on your back, on the top bunk, very close to the textured ceiling, staring straight at it in fact, and the room is still dark except for a wedge of powdery light that spills in from the adjoining bathroom.

The bathroom is covered in mint green tile and richard siken crush is in there, singing very softly.


Is he singing to you? The radio is playing your favorite song. Open the door again.

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The heart is monologing about hesitation and fulfillment while behind the red brocade the heart is drowning.

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