Did longtime tech marketing guru Geoffrey Moore just publish an obituary for one of the most successful forms of selling in our industry's history? In a recent. Provocative Selling to Make Your Competition Irrelevant Presented by: . Challenging and Provocative Selling: Do you Provoke or Just Poke? Provocative. It's an approach to selling that has appeared in articles, blogposts, and books.


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He also told me provocative selling he did not want his team provocative selling adopt this type provocative selling selling. He said paraphrase "That's not what we've done in the last 50 years and I don't want to start doing that now.

We need to be provocative and collaborative to: Identify what they already know. While we can be armed with research and background, we still have to identify their level of knowledge, experience, and their ideas before we start telling them what they must do.

Determine how to support their ideas, knowledge, and expertise. What do you know that validates their ideas provocative selling knowledge?

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Share best practices you have picked up that will be helpful to them. Often people are provocative selling short- or long-term focused. Fill in the complimenting pieces for the whole picture.

We still have to win the war.

HBR Provocative Selling | Insight Demand Ltd.

Shock and Awe provocative selling at tremendous cost—to all involved. Finally, Shock and Awe is usually the last resort, after you have exhausted all other alternatives.

There are some valuable concepts, though not necessarily novel ideas. I have great respect for Mr. Moore, and perhaps, many of his ideas are being twisted by provocative selling interpretations of them, but here are some of my thoughts and reactions.


Provocative Selling focuses the sales person on identifying opportunities or problems the customer is unaware of. Too often, sales people respond to a known customer need, pain, problem.

If we execute a consultative sales process well, we work with that customer provocative selling really understanding the dimensions of that problem, its costs and impacts, and present solutions to that known problem.

Sales people need to help the customer understand problems they have been previously unaware of or new opportunities. Provocative Selling focuses on creating a crisis. Crises are great for grabbing management attention and sometimes as sales professionals, we need to do this.

But should that be the normal course of the relationship? The best sales professionals offer leadership to their customers—on an ongoing provocative selling. They naturally help their customers think about their provocative selling differently and constantly engage their customers in presenting new ideas, opportunities, and ways to improve and grow their businesses.

Sales people who do not do this on an ongoing basis are doing their customers a disservice. That is real and sustained value in building the relationship with the customer.

Provocative Selling creates the crisis and captures attention.


provocative selling Their resistance will go way up and quite quickly. Instead, develop your SOB Quality by building provocative selling relationship, developing credibility and asking the right questions — good, tough, timely questions — which leads to a conversation that demonstrates that you get it and understand them.

Refer to the chapter on Getting to provocative selling Base for more details and many examples of uncovering Compelling Reasons to Buy. Pain as a motivation to buy also came up at this session.

Pain avoidance can cause someone to buy, but not necessarily.

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