Uploaded by wembleyne. good stuff .. So leL's wrap Lhls up and geL on wlLh Lhe chapLer of Lhe book LhaL wlll geL you. This is a book that balances technique and self discovery. Through the use of coaching drills stemming from my programs, not only the reader will discover. All Physical Game should be done from a close distance or it will look and feel awkward, As a top priority, you must cut the space between you.


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What I loved the most about this book is a reconsideration of learning process, something that can be extrapolated to any aspect of your life. I'm reading it again so I physical game book take away many learnings that Physical game book wished I could write before.

A m Formidable book about physical game book basic things I'd been skipping while on the field. Guys have two default behaviours when they see a strong physical male presence.

Either they stand there and do nothing the boyfriend just looks at you vindictively, but refuses to interfere as you chat with his girlfriend ; or they just go away and you don't see them again.

Standing their ground against a dominant physical game book doesn't appeal to them. They are guys your girls just met in the club. As soon as they seeyou coming in, they disappear in a hurry because they would rather move to a group with less competition.

The Physical Game: A Pickup Coach's Complete Guide to Approach, Physically Lead and Bed Women

You may be tempted to think of the guy in the group physical game book a boyfriend, but he might not be. But remember you also look like a boyfriend when you apply PG on girls.


For an outsider, asyou exert PG, it looks like you either know her really well oryou are her boyfriend. Mission Impossible There are girls who are going to give you an inordinate amount of resistance when you physical game book them.

These are hard groups to crack.

The Physical Game Reviews

So, by being physicalyou can open those seemingly impossible groups. Asyou go in with PG, you realize how their gloves go down asyou plough through.


For example, I will teach you how to grab her hand and spin her physical game book order to dissipate her bad emotions. Nol only lhal, you will learn how!

Let's sec how we can do this. Your Road to Being Effortless Affirmations are a good way to go about this.

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When you pencil something down, it gets burned or tattooed in your subconscious. I recommend penning affirmations down in the morning whenyou get up and before bedtime. Writeyou positive conviction down on a piece of paper 20 or 30 times.

Do this for a month physical game book check ifyour behaviour has changed.


Alternatively, to make sure you don't forget, stick your beliefs on the wall above your toilet seat or on your physical game book so you can re-read them every morning, before bedtime and whenyou go to pee.

Furthermore, you can repeat your affirmations when you are in practice mode in the club. For example, as you walk up to a girl, repeat to yourself: It turns effortless because you are having physical game book doing it.

I also instruct that it is ok to make mistakes. Students repeat this as they approach a new physical game book of people. By saying this to themselves, they help their performance anxiety drop to zero and they are able to do a better job. Things become effortless because mistakes stop being a threat.


Other affirmations such as: The more you repeat this inyour head, the more people get friendly to you.

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