You Searched For: Ollantay (title) Edit Your Search. chevron_left Seller: ALZOFORA LIBROS Ollantay: Drama Kjechua En Verso, De Autor Desconocido. : Ollantay: Drama quechua-español. Autor anónimo, 86pp. About the Seller. From DEL SUBURBIO LIBROS- VENTA PARTICULAR (Capital. Ollantay has 20 ratings and 0 reviews. El Ollantay es un drama del Incario que se rescató de un códice muy antiguo descubierto en el convento de Santo Do.


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Even in Spanish, the pioneer study that covers the whole field was also written by Jones.

Jones sees the history ollantay libro a nation in the history of its drama. Pre-Columbian Indians, conquistadores, missionary priests, viceroys, dictators, and national ollantay libro form a background of true drama for the main characters here—those who wrote and produced and acted in the make-believe drama of the times.

Examining the plays of a people down the centuries, he shows how the many cultural elements of both Old and New Worlds have been blended into the distinct national ollantay libro of each of the Spanish American countries.

He does full justice to the subject he loves.

Ollantay : Cantos y narraciones quechuas

Structure[ edit ] Ollantay is divided into three acts. It is written ollantay libro in octosyllable verse alternating with hendecasyllable verse, and contains both blank verse and assonant rhyme.

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  • Ollantay: Drama quechua del incario
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Plot summary[ edit ] A general of the Incan armies, Ollantay is a warrior of commoner origin that has been decorated and elevated to the nobility in return for his service to ollantay libro empire.

He falls in ollantay libro with Cusi Coyllur or Kusi Quyllur, "happy star"the daughter of the Inca ruler Pachacutecbut this love is prohibited due to his commoner background. Nevertheless, blinded by love, he pursues a secret relationship with Cusi Coyllur, a secret shared only with the Queen Ccoya Anahuarqui.

Despite ominous omens from the Incan high priest, Ollantay decides to ask the Incan king for his daughter's hand.

Behind Spanish American Footlights - Willis Knapp Jones - Google Livros

Pachacutec, reminding Ollantay of his humble origins, reproaches Ollantay for his audacity and angrily expels him from the court. Cusi Coyllur is then imprisoned in the Acllahuasi "house ollantay libro chosen women" where she is to expiate her sins; there she gives birth to ollantay libro baby girl, fruit of her love with Ollantay, that she names Ima Sumac "how beautiful".

Ollantay, on learning that Cusi Coyllur ollantay libro no longer in the palace, believes that she has been murdered and decides to leave the imperial capital Cusco together with his servant and confidant Piqui Chaqui "flea foot".

He threatens to one day return and destroy Cusco, then flees to the city which carries his name, Ollantaytambowhere he and his followers arm themselves and ollantay libro for battle.


Ollantay sends his general Orqo Waranka "A thousand mountains" to ambush Rumi Nawi in a mountain pass, ollantay libro Rumi's forces but allowing him to escape.

Ten years later Pachacutec dies without having defeated Ollantay, and his son Tupac Yupanqui succeeds him.

Ollantay : drama quechua-español.

When Ima accidentally discovers her true heritage, she proposes to go to the new Incan king and ask for clemency for her mother.

At the same time, new Incan ruler Tupac Yupanqui resolves to finally defeat and capture Ollantay, and sends Ollantay libro Nawi, who promises to redeem his earlier failure. Rumi Nawi employs a ollantay libro plan: When the gates are opened, Rumi Nawi's men capture Ollantay, Orqo Waranka, ollantay libro other rebels without resistance, eventually bringing them to Cusco to face Tupac Yupanqui's judgement.

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