In one of the planets that revolve round the star known by the name of Sirius, was a certain young gentleman of promising parts, whom I had the honor to be. Voltaire tells the story of Micromegas, a brilliant giant from a distant planet, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Micromégas is a novella by the French philosopher and satirist Voltaire. Along with his For the political magazine, see MicroMega. Author, Voltaire.


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Journalist Marco Travaglio is one of its better known contributors.


The magazine was issued monthly from 20 February to 20 Aprilthen weekly over an eight-week period during the Italian political campaign. In this time, it was issued with the title La primavera di MicroMega. Inthe magazine micromega de voltaire to the original bimonthly format.


Micromega de voltaire of your mathematicians, a set micromega de voltaire people always useful to the public, will, perhaps, instantly seize the pen, and calculate that Mr.

Micromegas, inhabitant of the country of Sirius, being from head to foot four and twenty thousand paces in length, making one hundred and twenty thousand royal feet, that we, denizens of this earth, being at a medium little more than five feet high, and our globe nine thousand leagues in circumference: Nothing in nature is more simple and common.


The dominions of some sovereigns of Germany or Italy, which may be compassed in half an hour, when compared with the empires of Ottoman, Russia, or China, micromega de voltaire no other than faint instances of the prodigious difference that nature micromega de voltaire made in the scale of beings.

The stature of his excellency being of these extraordinary dimensions, all our artists will agree that the measure around his body might amount to fifty thousand royal feet—a very agreeable and just proportion.

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His nose being equal in length to one-third of his face, micromega de voltaire his jolly countenance engrossing one-seventh part of his height, it must be owned that the nose of this same Sirian was six thousand three hundred and thirty-three royal feet to a hair, which was to be demonstrated.

With regard to his understanding, it is one of the best cultivated I have known. He is perfectly well acquainted with abundance of things, some of which are of his own invention; for, when his age did not exceed two hundred and fifty years, he studied, according to the custom of the country, at the most celebrated university of the whole planet, and by micromega de voltaire force of his genius discovered upwards of fifty propositions of Euclid, having the advantage by more than eighteen of Blaise Pascal, who, as we are told by his own sister, demonstrated two and thirty micromega de voltaire his amusement and then left off, choosing rather to be an indifferent philosopher than a great mathematician.

They decide that the planet must be devoid of life, since it is too small for them to see with the naked eye. In the Baltic Sea, the Saturnian happens to spot a tiny speck swimming about, and he picks micromega de voltaire up to discover that it is a whale.

As they examine it, a boatful of philosophers returning from an Arctic voyage happens micromega de voltaire run aground nearby. The space travellers examine the boat and, upon discovering the lifeforms inside it, they conclude that the tiny beings are too small to be of any intelligence or spirit.

Micromega de voltaire they gradually realize the beings are speaking to each other, and they devise a hearing tube with the clippings of their fingernails in order to hear the tiny voices.

After listening for a while, they learn the human language and begin a conversation, wherein they are shocked to discover the breadth of the human intellect.

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