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PCR can be used micologia medica arenas amplify specific genetic regions in order to identify a pathogen. Other methods for species recognition are based on DNA sequences focused in genomic loci that encode proteins, such as calmodulin, beta-tubulin and translation elongation factor [ 23 ].

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It micologia medica arenas been documented an epidemic zoonosis afecting domestic cats Felis catus caused by S. Phylogenetic analysis based on the rDNA and b-tubulin regions from Sporothrix albicans, Sporothrix pallida and Sporothrix nivea revealed significant similarity, with the proposal of designating all of these species as S.

Zygomycosis in Two Hematologic Cases

Analysis of phylogeny and genetic diversity using calmodulin Micologia medica arenas sequences showed the phylogenetic proximity between S. Phylogenetic tree suggests that S. The environmental species S. Distinct profiles produced by analysis of different species by this method can be classified in groups A and B.


Species in each type are closely related to each other and show a geographical aggregation. American isolates belong to group A and those from Japan belong to group B. Remarkably, type 14 has been found in a high frequency in Latin America [ 3micologia medica arenas26 ] Figure 5.

The nuclear marker CAL obtain by PCR is consider the gold standard micologia medica arenas molecular methods because it clearly separate species between clades in the phylogenetic tree.

Micología médica ilustrada. - Roberto Arenas, Roberto Arenas Guzmán - Google Libros

The method is particularly useful when large numbers of strains have to be processed in case of an epidemic [ 2930 ]. Nested PCR can help identify micologia medica arenas even in difficult conditions [ 31 ].

Thanks to the PCR techniques, sporotrichosis has been related with the theory of evolution, because types 3 and 4 mtDNA shows a worldwide distribution. Japanese researchers think that ancestral organisms micologia medica arenas in the course of continental separation and this divergence in South Africa occurred before than in Australia micologia medica arenas 32 ].

It generates a spectrum that is characteristic of each fungal taxon based on their proteomic profiles.

In a study performed by Evangelista et al. Susceptibility profiles of species with medical importance Sporothrix brasiliensis, Sporothrix schenckii micologia medica arenas lato, Sporothrix globosa, and Sporothrix luriei showed that itraconazole and posaconazole are moderately effective against S.

Onychomycosis: An Illustrated Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment - Google книги

Posaconazole presents good minimal inhibition concentrations against S. Fluocytocine, caspofungine and fluconazole showed no fungal activity against Sporothrix species.

Case 2 A 7 year old boy with a lesion on the occipital region micologia medica arenas his scalp, characterized by an erythematous plaque of 2. Inflammatory tinea capitis kerion celsi.

Inflammatory mass with yellowish adherent crusts and pustules. The lesion resolved spontaneously within 15 days Fig.

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