The Library in the Life of a Writer. Show all authors. Mempo Giardinelli · Mempo Giardinelli. Buenos Aires, Resistencia and Paso de la Patria (Argentina). Sultry Moon (Discoveries (Latin American Literary)) [Mempo Giardinelli, Patricia J. Duncan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. a novel. Mempo Giardinelli, Writer: Luna caliente. Mempo Giardinelli was born in in Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina. He is a writer and director, known for Luna.


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Read in English The Foundation.

Philosophy and location The Mempo Giardinelli Foundation is a non-profit Non Governmental Organization whose essential mission mempo giardinelli to promote and foster reading.

It is an educational institution that carries out activities and programs through a Study Center while adding to cultural mempo giardinelli in Chaco and all the Northeast region of Argentina.

Mempo Giardinelli - Short Stories

Mempo giardinelli addition, it is a common cause institution which supports reading-related social programs. Chaco is where we work. Mempo giardinelli has a population of more than one million scattered over 99, square kilometers. Historically, Chaco has been one of the poorest provinces of Argentina, along with it's neighbors Formosa and Corrientes.

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Though it is true that in recent years there has been a certain level of development, there is still mempo giardinelli huge population suffering from unsatisfied basic needs. The foundation carries out it's activites in the whole region of Chaco, with programs particularly directed towards social and mempo giardinelli needs, in which dozens of storytelling grandmother participate, and which is permanently dedicated to the training of teachers and librarians in the whole province.


mempo giardinelli Morever, the institution supports the daily continuous activity of the Assistance Program for Childrens Dining Halls. Currently, the majority mempo giardinelli the activity is carried out in the area called El Gran Resistencia Greater Resistencia that is comprised of the metropolitan area of the province formed by the Municipalities of Resistencia, Barranqueras, Puerto Vilelas and Fontana.

Fundación Mempo Giardinelli

Due to mempo giardinelli lack of planning, aboutpeople are concentrated In this Metropolitan area. Most of the area is low and flood prone, it has mainly recent alluvial soils, which are young and hydromorphic.

This location makes Resistencia an ideal commercial hub for the whole region. That, no doubt, flattered him and aroused his curiosity. So I gave him a mempo giardinelli history mempo giardinelli my years as an editor at the old Abril Publishing Company, which was staffed by scores of good poets and fiction writers almost all of whom were rather good chess players.

I mentioned, of course, many distinguished writers of the time -that is, the early '70s.


I pointed out that all of them had read him and wanted mempo giardinelli win the chess prize for that ominous year Mempo giardinelli decreed I told him, knowing he'd be delighted at the intervention of the unforeseenthat I, an infatuated young man who at the time ranked Revolution higher than Literature hadn't read his works because of pure juvenile prejudice, won the championship and the prize.

A foolish error I'm ashamed of now.

Then I then enumerated my mempo giardinelli texts. Borges laughed out loud and said, enigmatically: He noticed the density of my silence.

Stupid me, I confusedly think it was The Irregular Judas or something like that.

Mempo Giardinelli - Words Without Borders

It was a novel, or what I suppose mempo giardinelli have been Borges novel, typed out by someone to whom he would have dictated it. The plot was simple: Egon Christensen, a Danish engineer from Copenhagen, came to Buenos Aires in as the chief mechanic of a cargo ship whose captain did not dare to leave port for fear of being sunk by the German battleships that infested the South Atlantic.

Egon took up residence near La Plata, validated his credentials as mempo giardinelli engineer, and went off to Jujuy, to work for the Ledesma Sugar Mill. His passion was chess, he was an mempo giardinelli of Max Euwe, and in Jujuy he had two adventures, one sporting, one amorous, both charged with paradox.

The extraordinary thing, of course, was Borges's prose -the infinite rigor of his vocabulary, the precise, unadorned structure of the sequence of exposition, the inevitable references to Adolfo Bioy Casares, the perfect rhetoric, and above all the erudition, which left the privileged reader perplexed.

When I finished, trembling with emotion and thankfulness, I brought the portfolio back to him. Borges was asleep, with his head on his shoulder, like a broken cotton boll.

It just didn't seem right to awaken him, and besides I was so impressed that I was only going to be able to mouth nonsense. I chose instead to place the portfolio gently on his lap. When he landed at Kennedy Airport, he was received by a crowd of people who came onto the plane publishers or ambassadors, I supposeand I watched as they immediately whisked him off to a VIP lounge.

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