Mankind's Search for God. WHY have we, as Jehovah's Witnesses, been given the “pure language”? Certainly, it is not to keep it to ourselves. And it is not so. many of you no doubt remember when the society released the book mankind's search for god. i had always figured that, since there were. Mankind's search for God.. [Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York.; International Bible Students Association.;] -- This book is an introduction to world.


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Mankind's Search for God

It's actually a pretty good survey of the world's major religions with some but mankinds search for god too much partisan commentary for most of the book.

Its treatments of the histories and beliefs of the major religions of the world - the major thrusts of Christendom pre- and post-ReformationIslam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. There are a number of comments interwoven in the book to remind you that it's not an objective treatment of the subject as in describing some religions as being based mankinds search for god mythology, others as apostate, etc.


Until the final three or four chapters of the book, at which point its sectarian viewpoint becomes pronounced. This part can be skipped if you're not interested in the JWs' idiosyncratic views on the rest of usexcept for a helpful chapter delineating their own beliefs.

Otherwise, the characterizations of other religions as untrue and or reflections of the Devil's work or the professed expectation that the end of days is near or the "proof" of the truth of the Bible over mankinds search for god grate. And I'm a fervent mankinds search for god, you should know.

Mankind's search for God. ( edition) | Open Library

Of course, it was written almost twenty years ago, so maybe some of this would be cleaned up in a more modern version, but probably not.

Mankinds search for god in the narrowness of view that disappoints most, the tendency to demean as it contrasts that is as unhelpful as it is offputting.

If what you're looking for is a good survey of the world's major religions and you can look beyond the unfortunately parochial commentary interspersed intermittently, then this book will be helpful, until the last mankinds search for god at which point it will descend into the same sectarian sparring that is so mankinds search for god in the world and religion generally.

Were it to be made more objective, it would warrant the five star rating.: Till this day, it has not been studied, and in fact, besides a couple of placement campaigns, not much was ever really done with that book.

Mankind's Search for God - Wikipedia

My guess is that, mankinds search for god the first few and last few chapters, the book was discussing other religions, and I had wondered if maybe the GB had changed its mind and decided that study of other beliefs might not be such a mankinds search for god idea.

Also, another thought I had was that the average jw would have thought the book to be very uninteresting, since jws generally don't feel a need to discuss other beliefs. The problem with that theory is that the GB is hardly ever in tune with the feelings of the average jw, so I doubt they'd let that sway their decision on any matter.

Why do you suppose that book was never studied? DevonMcBride That's the book my JW friend gave me when he tried to educate me about the truth convert me. The book was very vague about some religions and really didn't get into the what, wheres, whys, and hows of these faiths.

Devon rocketman, I always wondered that myself.

Mankind’s Search for God by Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society

I would ask the elders if it would be studied next. One finally said that it was meant to be mankinds search for god with non-JWs and not studied at the book study. I always wondered then, why the questions in the book?

Never got a straight answer. Very few JWs actually read it; not that many JWs actually read the study book for the book study. Blondie patio34 At the time it was released I enjoyed it. It was puzzling that it was never studied or even mankinds search for god to much.

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