Start by marking “Lockdown (Escape from Furnace, #1)” as Want to Read: Furnace Penitentiary: the world's most secure prison for young offenders, buried a. Now he is an inmate in the Furnace Penitentiary - the toughest prison in the world for young offenders. A vast building sunk deep into the ground, there's one. Furnace Penitentiary: the world”s most secure prison for young offenders, buried a Book - Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith. Escape from Furnace #1.


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Every night an inmate is taken from his cell by guards and returned the next morning changed. Where are they taken and why are they returned covered with scars, acting as though they are not quite human?

Escape from Furnace

In a desperate bid for freedom Alex discovers a horrifying truth - that the Furnace Penitentiary is a place of pure evil, a place where cruel experiments take place every day, where inmates are guinea pigs, where monsters make monsters, and where death is the least of your worries.

More books by this author Author bio: After Cross' death, Alex's considered Furnace's right-hand man, therefore, Sam and some berserkers help him and his friends to escape. With Panettiere and her army on their heels they want to study Zee's immunity to the nectarthey spend the night lockdown escape from furnace 1 Alex's house, where he finds out that his parents haven't abandoned him as he remembers but have been trying to get him out of prison, and then they finally reach the island where Furnace is.

At last, Alex meets Furnace who's still alive by being attached to a machine and wants Alex to be his heir - Alex is the only one who could handle the nectar and remember lockdown escape from furnace 1 history, and that's what the Stranger needs to survive.

Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith | Scholastic

He accepts Furnace's offer, in doing so Alex's nectar is replaced by the Stranger's blood in Furnace's veins. Furnace is turned to dust and the Stranger manipulates Alex in continuing the war. However, with his friends' support Alex ends it by killing all of Furnace's creatures, including Simon, through telepathic images of freedom and peace.

When Panettiere finally reaches them, she receives all of Alex's blood and dies while Alex's saved by receiving a nectar transfusion. Alex, Zee and Lucy are then brought to a military base where he's interrogated about what's happened.

Escape from Furnace 1: Lockdown

As time passes, the three of lockdown escape from furnace 1 and the whole world are trying to live a better, normal life, and Alex goes under the knife in order to become human again. Main characters[ edit ] Alex Sawyer - The main protagonist, 14 years old.

Although he's a teenager like others, he makes many bad choices: After a burglary, he is framed for the murder of his best friend and is sent to Furnace with no possibility of parole. With a bunch of inmates he tries to escape twice lockdown escape from furnace 1 fails.

After the second attempt he is turned into a blacksuit and during a test to prove himself as a blacksuit, he kills Ozzie. However, he lockdown escape from furnace 1 his name and he successfully makes the third escape along with all of the prisoners of Furnace.

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He's on the brink of insanity due to the nectar running through his veins, but with his friends' help he manages to stay true to himself.

After the escape he's infected with a new type of nectar, defeats Warden Cross and is turned into a berserker.

Lockdown: Escape from Furnace 1 | Reading Length

After escaping the army who wants the nectar for themselves, he kills Furnace by becoming his heir and receiving the stranger's blood in Furnace's veins. He's in control of the war now but with his friends' help he manages to end lockdown escape from furnace 1 by killing all of Furnace's creatures.

He is framed for driving into an older woman and prior to Furnace, he used to steal cars. He's immune to the nectar:

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