Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. Jason is the twenty-third book in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series of horror/mystery/erotica novels by Laurell K. Hamilton. Jason Schuyler is one of Anita Blake's best friends and favorite werewolves, with benefits. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for the novels of Laurell K. Hamilton featuring Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter “Hamilton remains one of the most inventive and. Jason Schuyler is one of Anita Blake's best friends and favorite werewolves, with benefits. J.J. is his lady love, an old flame from childhood who dances at one of.


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It's just too much. Consistency is why you use the same voice actor over an over. This was missing an really affected my experience What reaction did this book spark in you?

Jason (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #23) by Laurell K. Hamilton

All of the above. Where are the stories that captivated me in the beginning an middle of the laurell k hamilton jason. I have never regretted buying a audiobook before an if I could wind the clock back I wouldn't make this mistake again.

Where did the plot go?

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Jason 23 by Laurell K. Hamilton (2014, Paperback)

Would you try another book from Laurell K. Not without reading the reviews first. Kimberly Alexis' performance was the only thing that made this worthwhile.

What could Laurell K. Her fault for not being able to meet Richard's kinky needs.

Jason by Laurell K. Hamilton |

Her fault for not liking rough sex. And above all, her fault for not being Anita. There's a scene where they're all talking and kink is framed as something that a character would die without.


Let's be real here, that's not how kink works. You don't die from not getting enough of it and also if it's that important to your relationship, shouldn't you go with a kinkster in the first place? There are a few main themes in the novel, which are mostly resolved by the laurell k hamilton jason.

In Jason's hometown, one of his ancestors had more than his fair share of offspring.


Hence, Jason's features are repeated in various cousins and other relatives. During high school Jason was always confused with two of his cousins who happen to be twins.

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laurell k hamilton jason Keith Summerland used the confusion to his benefit a few times, tricking people to believe he was Jason or letting Jason get the beating for Keith's deeds.

The local and national media is interested in Keith Summerland because he is getting married and his father, who is currently a governor, is thinking of running for the Presidency.


Meanwhile, Jason's father has been given only weeks to live, so time is of the essence. In addition, Jason has rented a hotel room in the same location that Keith is supposed to stay in and where the bridal party is taking place. Keith Summerland is in trouble again, he's fallen for a vampire and would rather marry her than the girl his father wants to marry laurell k hamilton jason to.

However, the vampire is already married and her husband laurell k hamilton jason not take kindly to Keith trying to take his bride. When Anita meets a tiger that calls to one of the tigers inside her, the charm fails or perhaps the Mother of Darkness overpowers it.

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