Please provide information on the policies of the Kinijit (also known as the .. Dialogue in Ethiopia (FDDE or Medrek in the local Amharic. The CUD a.k.a Kinijit, was a coalition of the All Ethiopian Unity Party the manifesto of EDP-Medhin to the manifesto of Kinjit,” he told Fortune. the CUD was able to propagate its political manifesto.. idealogy, . "Bere hoy sarrun ayeh enji, gedelun alayeh", goes the old Amharic adage.


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We can not indefinitely postpone the problem. We need to face the problem sooner than later.


kinijit manifesto amharic However, in simple terms, AFD is essentially an agreement between Pan-Ethiopian forces and separatist movements i. If this is the case, one would not only expect the agreement to be mutually beneficial to all concerned parties but also to reflect the actual and perceived strengths of the parties to the kinijit manifesto amharic.

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For kinijit manifesto amharic reasons which would be addressed below, I argue, the agreement in its present form and composition was far from being fair and sound to Pan-Ethiopian forces. The balance greatly tipped in favour of the separatist movements to the detriment of Kinijit manifesto amharic forces, if not a total surrender of Ethiopian unity by the Pan-Ethiopian forces.

That is why I oppose not the formation of AFD as such but the unfair, unjust and unequal deal that totally goes against the desire of the Ethiopian people to create a strong and united country.


Certified translations can be made in other languages. Unlike Kinijit, for secessionist parties like OLF, demolishing and dismantling all the common ties, values, cultures and threads of Ethiopian people is very fundamental to promote their kinijit manifesto amharic policy.

Coalition for Unity and Democracy - Wikipedia

It is perfectly in line with kinijit manifesto amharic very objective of separatist movements to carefully single out and magnify our differences while at the same time downplaying or even branding our common identities as myths or fabrications.

Thus, using English as the language of AFD instead of indigenous languages cannot be in the best interest of Kinijit in light of its values that were promised to kinijit manifesto amharic Ethiopian people before the election.

Second, it is no secret that secessionist movements do not consider themselves as Ethiopians and nor do they believe in the very existence of the Ethiopian nation. They do what ever they can to undermine and distort the name and place of Ethiopia. Judging against this background, unlike to the secessionist forces, leaving aside the name Ethiopia in the AFD can not be in the kinijit manifesto amharic interest of Kinijit.

Especially kinijit manifesto amharic a time when the nation is facing the scourge of famine induced by the El-Nino climatic phenomenon and most likely to affect million citizens now and over the coming few years!.

Major Political Manifestos in Ethiopia, Yesterday & Today | Lᴇᴛ ғʀᴇᴇᴅᴏᴍ ʀɪɴɢ

Do these individuals think the Ethiopian people and government would allow them to destabilize our country and undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, and our safety and security? Further, do they seriously believe they can ever copy and paste democracy from the USA or Europe in kinijit manifesto amharic country?

Could they possibly import democratic values from the Kinijit manifesto amharic now or in the future? Yes, democracy constitutes universal human values that can be learned and put to practice over a long period of time by any non-democratic society.

Thus, if democracy ever takes kinijit manifesto amharic in Ethiopia, it will only grow from within and grow in a climate of stable peace and prosperity; it cannot be imported from abroad.

At this juncture it must be made clear to everyone, friends and foes alike, that whatever grievances many of us may have against the incumbent party and regime, we Ethiopians won't allow any force to tamper with our peaceful situation prevailing throughout the country since the last two decades.

We fully understand that the main prerequisite and condition for the fulfillment of Ethiopia's many different potentials is indeed peace and stability.

Why kinijit failed & why EPRDF STILL better !!! - Mereja Forum

As democracy supports peaceful relations between our multiethnic, multicultural, multilingual and multireligious society, economic kinijit manifesto amharic and fuller development of people, peace and stability make possible the development of stable political institutions, more productive economic activity and a more civilized and enlightened social life.

Without establishing a stable climate of peace, kinijit manifesto amharic rights cannot be safeguarded, democratic institutions cannot function effectively, prosperity cannot flourish, and human beings cannot discover their higher capacities for external achievement and fulfillment.

Peace is imperative for a thriving development and democracy and for our very survival. We will safeguard our peace at all costs.

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