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The nerve impulses that flow the former hemiloop run, initially, in the gastric branches of both vagal trunks.


As for inervacion del pancreas second hemiloop of the long NER, the one that pivots around the blood stream PP flow from the pancreatic gland up to the vagal-nuclear-complex in the brain-stem, the group of Taylor29 has given inervacion del pancreas that this regulatory peptide does indeed enter in contact with the vagal-nuclear-complex.

The latter is achieved at the level of the area postrema and the tractus solitarius nucleus, two regions of the central nervous system that lack a blood barrier. The consequence is a depression of exocrine pancreatic secretion due to a fall of the intrapancreatic cholinergic tone.


When the above-depicted fail-safe or brake system is overpowered, as for example following a large meal rich in proteins, fats and alcohol, an episode of AP can be evoked. Analysis of the interactions between ethanol intoxication and neuro-endocrine reflexes A physiopathogenic inervacion del pancreas to emphasize is that of the probable involvement of long NER in the mechanism of exocrine pancreatic secretion depression induced by an acute i.

The presumption was that an ethanol-induced vagal neuropathy was responsible of this change. Indeed, under the above circumstances, there is an enhancement of gastric acid secretion and a simultaneous inhibition of exocrine pancreatic secretion. The loss of involvement of the Pavlov inervacion del pancreas inhibitory fibers induces the phenomenon of neural decentralization and inervacion del pancreas consequent enhanced reactivity of the peripheral antro-duodeno-pancreatic reflexes, and as a result of that, an increased intrapancreatic cholinergic tone.


That chronic alcoholism is indeed associated with an increased inervacion del pancreas of the entero-pancreatic reflexes, is supported by Brugge et al44 findings. These authors have observed, in man, that: Yamasaki et al45 have reported, in monkeys, inervacion del pancreas chronic ethanol administration induces papillary dysfunction and exocrine pancreas hyper secretion.

Both might play a role in the observed raised pancreatic ductal pressure and the microscopic signs of acinar pancreocytes hyper function. A feature to emphasize is that a similar sequence of events develops in uremia.

Biliary acute pancreatitis: A review

Owyang et al46 inervacion del pancreas shown, in patients with chronic renal insufficiency, that both intraduodenal mannitol inervacion del pancreas i. The above observation prompts the speculation if in the chronically inflamed gland the PP cells produce less hormone than normally or, contrariwise, release less in response to different stimuli.

As the absolute secretion normally elicited by secretin, CCK, food and insulin hypoglycemia is similarly affected, one is tempted to assume that the defect of PP release in chronic pancreatitis is localized to the common final pathway of these stimuli, probably in or near the PP cell itself.

The former situation is represented by our inervacion del pancreas in rats subjected to either a transection and reanastomosis of the peri-Vaterian region or to a resection of supra- Vaterian duodenal segment.

These statements of Raher et al13 are based on their observations at an autopsy level.

Bazo y pancreas

A similar finding, although of a lesser magnitude, was appreciated in non-insulin dependent diabetics NIDD patients. These findings are in keeping with those of Greenberg et al54 observations in rats in the sense that PP increase DNA synthesis in pancreatic acinar cells.

They are also coherent with the microscopic detail that PP cells present long cytoplasmic processes inervacion del pancreas contact with inervacion del pancreas exocrine cells.

That is to say a clinic-pathological situation closely resembling that of chronic alcoholism.


Nakagawa et al58 have recently concluded that the insulo-pancreon-axis works cytotrophically e. Chronic pancreatitis and inervacion del pancreas In this review it seems appropriate to make reference to the fact that PP administration ameliorates the hepatic insulin resistance that has been demonstrated in chronic pancreatitis.

They have also shown that chronic PP treatment increases insulin receptor concentration in hepatocytes membranes from chronic pancreatitis rats and also improves glucose inervacion del pancreas after enteral administration of dextrose.

This speculation should be coupled to that of a glucagon deficit originally inervacion del pancreas by Bank. Berger and Feher39 have shown, in mice, after alcohol feeding, the degeneration of the intrapancreatic nerves which are an important source and locus of action of PP.

The latter assumption seems to get support in the results observed with the exogenous PP administration in rats subjected to taurocholate-induced AP. Rev Argent Cirug ;

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