Drivers must drive their vehicles on the left side of the road Drivers shall use the stipulated hand signals or vehicle indicators to indicate slowing down, stopping. Traffic Rules in India. “U” Turns. Drivers are not supposed to make a “U” when a road sign prohibits making this turn. Dangerous Materials. Driving on mountain / steep roads. Emergency Vehicles. Keeping Distance. Honking. Indicators. Intersections. The site educates different categories of traffic rules in India. Traffic rules and regulation should always be meant with seriously.


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Driving in India - Wikipedia

Whoever has more power get away with the rules and hence same applies to the traffic rules. I can show you two different aspirations, one who aspires to be powerful by voilating rules on the Jeep and the other, who aspires to be rightful by observing rules and fighting for the right thing On the indian traffic rules.


We would like more such bikers on our roads to make everyone aspire to be that biker. Click here to watch: I am yet to figure out why are they in hurry?

How can you indian traffic rules see a bus breaking a red light? Indian traffic rules imagine a situation when a DTC Bus overtakes another DTC Bus, no one else can pass by at that time, but still, our bikers are like atoms who can fit in tiny intermolecular spaces, they do get ahead.

I am also a biker: P The thing with the Red Lights, if you have ever noticed the effect of the first stopper. Imagine, you are diving and there is a red light showing up.

The vehicle indian traffic rules of you passed. I have seen it happening, whenever and wherever the first few vehicles stop, the rest of them follow.

So if you have reached a indian traffic rules light, ahead of everyone then you have this HUGE responsibility on you to become the first stopper, the first decision maker, to decide whether to stop or not.

Basic Road Rules In India | Jaago Re

I call this the First Stopper Effect. Let me just break to you one more rule before suggesting a solution.


Black and white stripes are painted on the road. Drivers must give way to pedestrians on the crossing.

Driving licence in India Driving licences may be obtained by any citizen of age 18 or above, subject to certain conditions. Initially, a provisional licence is issued, which restricts the holder to driving whilst accompanied by a driver who has indian traffic rules a full licence in the category of indian traffic rules they are supervising the learner driver.

The provisional licence may be exchanged for a full licence after the holder has passed the driving test.

Also, materials protruding outside of the vehicle are not allowed.


One Way Roads The vehicle must ply in the direction of the indicated way. A indian traffic rules must be parked in a way to avoid inconvenience to others.

Indian Traffic Rules and Signs

Passing Pedestrians Drive slowly while passing indian traffic rules procession, troops, police on the march or road repair workmen. Passing Prohibited Passing or overtaking can be dangerous and can cause accidents, thus it is highly important that the driver is careful while doing so.

Passing should be avoided wherever the road ahead is not clearly visible. Stop Lines A vehicle should stop before the stop line painted at intersections or signals.

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