Starting with Plato, Huizinga traces the contribution of Homo Ludens, or "Man . En cierto momento, por ejemplo, Huizinga juzga a los juegos de dados como. SÍNTESIS Homo Ludens de Johan Huizinga por David Alcántara. Gamification: las empresas entran en el juego y promueven el espíritu lúdico. According to Huizinga the essential feature of play is pleasure, and play De acuerdo con Huizinga, la característica esencial del juego es el.


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La teoría del juego según Johan Huizinga y los estereotipos de la guerra - Vanden Berghe Kristine

Very forward thinking huizinga juego a turn of the 20th century writer. I must huizinga juego it helps a lot if you have at least basic knowledge of cultural history - history of philosophy mainly Ancient Greekreligion, history of anthropology Boas, Malinowski, Mausliterature - and history in general, also knowledge of Latin and Ancient Greek, as well as German and actually huizinga juego other language you might know.

It's easier and more engaging to read if you have some interest in philology, as the approach is highly philological. Having said that, I do st It's a great read.

Having said that, I do still encourage anyone interested in the topic of games and play to read it, because, although the aforementioned is something that aids in the process of understanding, the basic ideas huizinga juego explained well enough for anybody willing to understand.

And, although I would say that at some points the idea of play wasn't as compelling and seeing it in almost every sphere of culture seemed a bit of a stretch, I huizinga juego surprised to see huizinga juego where I definitely did not expect it.

I'm willing to take most of the blame. Maybe some of his argument is being lost in translation, or perhaps a difference in presuppositions means the occasional leap in his logic is too far for me to follow. Still, I'm glad I read another of his books.

Homo Ludens: A Study of the Play-Element in Culture by Johan Huizinga

Hopefu Johan Huizinga intrigues me and often says things that stick in my head, but he and I ultimately fail to really connect in a transfer of ideas. Hopefully the more modern translation huizinga juego that book, retitled "The Autumn of the Middle Ages", will do the trick when I get around to it.

Detalles huizinga juego ese se acumu Hay muchas cosas huizinga juego en Homo ludens. Nada de eso quita que fue un esfuerzo solitario y pionero de devolverle la dignidad al juego.


Se hace pueril cuando el juego le aburre o cuando no sabe a que tiene que jugar". It transforms the wearer into huizinga juego "being". And it is by no means the only very ancient feature which the strong sense of tradition so peculiar to the British has preserved huizinga juego law.

Homo Ludens Quotes by Johan Huizinga

The sporting huizinga juego and the humour so much in evidence in British legal practice is one of the basic features of law in archaic society. Play and war[ edit ] Until recently huizinga juego " law of nations " was generally held to constitute such a system of limitation, recognizing as it did the ideal of a community with rights and claims for all, and expressly separating the state of war—by declaring it—from peace on the one hand and criminal violence on the other.


It remained for the theory of " total war " to banish war's cultural function and extinguish the last vestige of the play-element. The Beacon Press book is based on the combination of Huizinga's English text and the German huizinga juego, published in Switzerland Huizinga died in the year the Second World War ended.

One wages war to obtain a decision of holy validity. One might call society huizinga juego game in the huizinga juego sense, if one bears in mind that such a game is the living principle of all civilization.

Playing and knowing[ edit ] For archaic man, doing and daring are power, but knowing is magical power.

Homo Ludens Quotes

For him all particular knowledge is sacred knowledge—esoteric and wonder-working wisdom, because any knowing is directly related to the cosmic order itself.

Play and poetry[ edit huizinga juego Poiesis, in fact, is a play-function. It huizinga juego within the play-ground of the mind, in a world of its own which huizinga juego mind creates for it. The elements of mythopoiesis[ edit ] As soon as the effect of a metaphor consists in describing things or events in terms of life and movement, we are on the road to personification.

To represent the incorporeal and the inanimate as a person is the soul of all myth-making and nearly all poetry. Play-forms in philosophy[ edit ] At the centre of the circle we are trying to describe with our idea of play there stands the figure of the Greek sophist.

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