Improbable though it might seem, Boston Celtics center Robert Parish credits tai chi with extending his career and making him one of the oldest. Part 4. Mastery. Practice. Reading the cool tai chi magazines is fun, but the primary way to improve your tai chi is to practice. Commit to practicing for 12 weeks minimum. Keep distractions out of your practice zone. Practice in stressful situations. Expand your repertoire. Read deeply about tai chi. and present an 8-minute "Easy Tai Chi" to do.


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Levels of Complexity All practitioners must begin at and always return to the level of the body. Within the Taoist tradition how to do tai chi, energy and spirit have their own distinct spheres of direct influence. Each also includes some aspects and techniques intimately interconnected to and mixed with the others.

Physical Body and Tai Chi The physical body is the container through which your energy and spirit flow. This is the physical approach to health, longevity and optimum performance.

An Introduction to Tai Chi

As the student progresses, the relevant energetic and spirit techniques which are directly related and germane to actualizing the potentials of the body are introduced.

The energy level is a potential gateway to human intuitive or psychic capacities. It also can enable overly energetically sensitive or psychically developed individuals to ground and smooth their energy, so they can handle-rather than be overwhelmed by-their natural inner capabilities.

Some energetically sensitive individuals think they can, but in reality how to do tai chi so how to do tai chi feebly. It involves the arts and sciences of meditation, which originally generated the first two levels of body and energy.

Spirit involves active use of the mind. Using your spirit well is mandatory to fully engage your capacity to how to do tai chi to the roots of true personal power, obtain emotional balance and inner peace, and actualize the potential of the mind. Working with body, energy, and spirit has within it beginning, intermediate, and advanced techniques.

They are learned much the same way as music: The art of tai chi is as complex as the greatest symphony. If you feel any pain or resistance to a move, back off from it.

How to Do Tai Chi (with Pictures) - wikiHow

As you move from side to side, do so in a mindful way. Can you feel the contact between your feet and the ground? Can you feel how your feet connect to the rest of your body?

Can you feel your body slowly relaxing as you breathe? Can you do all that without clenching your neck and jaw?

You may not be able to do any of the above well, but just being aware of these things is a critical first step.

Let it draw your awareness to the parts that are moving. Move from your center. Imagine your head, torso, and pelvis as a single column aligned over your legs and feet.

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Do not twist the spine. The tai chi classics say that good movements begin beneath your feet, are steered by the waist, and applied through the arms.


With this in mind, think of moving an inner ocean when you perform tai chi, rather than changing the shape or position of a solid object. Keep the movements smooth and flowing, as if you were in a pool—the kind of movements that would create gentle waves instead of splashes. Do some, not none.

Whether you have time for only a few minute sessions a week, or how to do tai chi minutes a day, do it!

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