An Excel grade book calculates student grades automatically, saving hours of The template includes a letter grade "lookup table" already in place and will. Make use of this Excel gradebook template. Manage the progress of your students, their tasks or exams all with this free Excel template. Jump to Excel Gradebook - Grade Book template Download “Grade Book template 16” (45 KB) · Grade Book template 18 · Download “Grade Book  ‎Using a gradebook template · ‎The benefits of using an · ‎Cautions on online.


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You can determine the minimum score for an A- by calculating the 85th Percentile and then shift the grading scale. Assigning Final Letter Grades The assignment of the final letter grade in the Gradebook worksheet is done automatically based on the grading scale defined in the Grades worksheet.

For the formulas to work correctly, the Grading Scale must be ordered from lowest to highest. Grading on a Curve These free excel gradebook template are not designed to automatically grade on a curve. However, what I have described above in "final adjustments to grading scale" is one method for adjusting grades based on a curve.

A common approach to grading on a curve is to first order all the final grades from free excel gradebook template to lowest.

Free gradebook template for Excel - Microsoft Blog

These percentages represent a symmetric bell curve for the ABCDF grading system with a C average, but the values will depend on how many A's you are allowed to assign free excel gradebook template whether or not the distribution is symmetric.

For example, if you can give 10 A's, do you really want to give 10 F's? The bins for each grade will be different widths.


For example, in a point scoring system, the A's may span from 80 towhile the B's might be 77 free excel gradebook template An alternative to ordering the grades something that the gradebook template doesn't do for you is to determine the cutoff scores by calculating percentiles and altering the grading scale accordingly.

A Percentile is defined as a value below which a certain percent of values fall. I have built these formulas into grading scale table in the template. However, you can manually enter your own cutoffs. The final grade is calculated by free excel gradebook template the category weight times the category score and adding the results for each category.

In theory, extra credit can be earned by giving a student more points on an assignment than are available for that assignment, although the weight of that type of extra credit is difficult to determine.

30 Free Gradebook Templates

Download the template 2. Click the File tab.

Click the Gradebook with printable student progress report template. In the information pane, click Download. The template will open as a new Excel spreadsheet.

Creating Gradebooks Using MS Excel

Click File and then click Save As to save a local copy of this file. You can also download this template from www.

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We added the placeholder data free excel gradebook template the template to help you see what it should look like. Read and then delete the light brown callouts. It will help you prevent confusion. You can find out more details about this in your course syllabus, and it usually depends on how the course has been structured.

Take college students, for example. They need to know the number of exams and assignments they will take free excel gradebook template the school session. They also need to know the points or weighted averages they will get from the assignments and exams, and free excel gradebook template this tally adds up to their final score.

Managing the size of your class A good template allows you to control the population of students you are handling through the school session.

You can customize the templates based on the size of your class.

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