Send the completed forms and documents to 'Dawson fill out the 'Supplementary Visa Application Form(Form VB)' and submit with this. Form V. A Visa Application Form of the People s Republic of China Applicant should fill out this form truly and completely. Section 5 Relevant declaration. Please read the instructions below carefully to help you successfully complete your China Visa Application Form. Please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail.


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If your passport doesn't meet the requirement.

China Student Visa (X)

Since Junevisitors to Mexico and Canada have also been required to have a passport or a passport card as proof of U. Department of State has changed. The most updated form is available for download at the Passport Form v 2011b section of our website, or contact us and we can email you a form.

In order for us to help you with your passport services, please check form v 2011b first two boxes on the authorization letter.

China Student Visa (X)

This enables us to submit and pick up your passport from form v 2011b US Passport Agency and authorizes the Passport Agency to inform us of any problems with the application. New passports- When applying for a brand new passport, applicants must wait to sign the application until they are in front of an authorized agent.

Please write 'Urgent Passport Services' on that line. Handwritten applications - All applications must be filled out online. This generates a 2D barcode that is necessary to process the visa.

Handwritten applications are no form v 2011b accepted by the US Passport Agency.

Visas, Passports, and Document Authentication FAQ

China Visa What size photo do I need for my China visa application? Photos must be 33 mm width by 48 mm height. They must have been form v 2011b within the last 6 months.

Applicants must have a neutral facial expression with eyes open and ears visible. A form filling check service is strongly advisable.

You can download the forms here 2. You will have to submit a photograph, not smiling, no hat, with a plain background, taken within the last six months.


Or you may download the form and complete it by computer, print and sign it. If your passport doesn't meet the requirement.

Chinese visa form v 2011a pdf merge

Since Juneform v 2011b to Mexico and Canada have also been required to have a passport or a passport card as proof of U. Form v 2011b the instructions in the CIBT Application Pack as a guide to help you gather your personal documents and fill out the forms.

For urgent visa applications which carry a tight deadline, a Pre-Check service to save applicants valuable time is available.

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