In: Der Bambus Pavillion zur EXPO in Hannover, Germany López LF, Trujillo D Diseño de uniones y elementos en estructuras de Guadua. estructura-bambu-guadua. We design and build structures, decorative elements and custom-made furniture, optimizing the characteristics of bamboo and.


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Earthquakes behaviour The proper nature of bamboo, its cylindrical shape with fiber accumulation on the outer face, and its high degree of elasticity make it especially suitable for seismic-resistant constructions.

Historically, estructuras en guadua constructions have always had a estructuras en guadua degree of safety in addition to this good resistance to earthquakes because, in addition to their great elasticity, the structures are particularly light and have a high capacity for absorbing energy.

The second 4 b is placed right under a node to make use of the set of connections of importance in the structures, is extra strength of the diaphragm.

The space between the connection of the guadua poles onto estructuras en guadua ridge the two nodes where the bolts attach to the bamboo and edge beams, and of the columns onto the grid is sometimes filled with a cement mortar. These connections are realized using slanted done when the bolts cannot be attached right next to fish mouth joints.

The behavior of these joints is a node, or when the joint is expected to estructuras en guadua an poorly documented, but the Colombian structural estructuras en guadua large amount of internal loading.


The third and final connections within the In order to assess the capacity of the joint, structures are the joints within the roof grid. While following estructuras en guadua properties were characterized the guadua poles are mainly fixed at the edge and in the lab: This test with and without mortar [14]; 3 compressive connection is realized with a steel bolt, pinning the strength of T-section; 4 pull-out testing of the crossing elements together see figure 3 b.

Additional in-plane stiffness for the grid is provided by the split guadua that is nailed on top, and is 3. Compressive strengths of guadua culms diagonal cuts at the desired edge. The surface then ranged from 57 to 80 MPa corresponding to strains needs to be smoothened to ensure a good fit, around estructuras en guadua.

Sample heights ranged from 9. Based on the Colombian code compression forces. The sample with nodes, a more NSR, the average estructuras en guadua stress taking into realistic scenario, experienced splitting in the account the imposed safety factors can be vertical member instead, and thus exhibited estructuras en guadua determined as Additionally, the tests were executed on samples 3.

Therefore, employing the prescribed bolt was analyzed.

The cross-bolt in the T minimum value for the compressive stress in the configuration is loaded when uplift forces cause the Colombian code could possibly lead to over eye bolt estructuras en guadua move upwards, inducing a point load at dimensioning.

Stress — Strain curves and test setup for five compressive strength tests parallel to the grain. The The compressive strength of the T-configuration as connection is placed ideally on top of a node or otherwise a unit was analyzed in a compressive test as well.

A test was conducted with a horizontal sample with nodes as shown in figure 4 a and one without nodes. Effect of upward wind load exerted on the fish case scenario test. In construction, the fish mouth is mouth and associated reactions left. Test to simulate placed on top of a node or as close as possible to the effect on the cross bolt and the guadua — front and make estructuras en guadua of the diaphragm provided by the node side view right see figure 6.


The sample with nodes failed estructuras en guadua a The load estructuras en guadua curve of the test in which it compressive load of An important perpendicular to the cross bolt is presented in figure difference in failure mechanism was exhibited 8.

This load displacement curve shows that in both between both samples. The sample without nodes samples the cross-bolt started yielding before the failed as in the edge bearing test see next guadua culm failed.

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