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The addition of EDA to epa method 317 reagent water prepared calibration and quality control samples is required not as a preservative but rather as a epa method 317 to normalize any bias attributed by the presence of EDA in the field samples.

As specified in Section This analysis confirms the MRL and demonstrates proper chromatographic performance at the beginning of each analysis batch. Chromatographic performance is judged by calculating the Peak Gaussian Factor PGFwhich is a means to measure peak symmetry and monitoring retention time drift in the surrogate peak over time.

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If these criteria are not met, corrective action must be performed prior to analyzing additional samples. Major maintenance like replacing columns require rerunning the IDC Section 9.

Potential problems include improperly prepared eluent, erroneous method parameters programmed such as flow rate or some epa method 317 system problem. The chromatographic profile elution order of the target anions following an ion chromatographic analysis should closely replicate the profile displayed in the test chromatogram that was shipped when the column was purchased.

A laboratory should retain a historic record of retention times for the surrogate and all the target anions to epa method 317 evidence of an analytical columns vitality.

Bromate in Water According to EPA 300.1, 317, and 326

In this case, no measurement of PGF is required. However, the laboratory must carefully epa method 317 the bromate retention time in the ICCS as an alternate to the surrogate retention time and, in the same manner, adhere to those specifications set forth in Section 9.

Additional LFM requirements, as described in Section 9. For a LFM to be valid, the target analyte concentrations must be greater than epa method 317 native level and must epa method 317 to the requirement outlined in Section 9.

It is recommended that the solutions used to fortify the LFM be prepared from the same stocks used to prepare the calibration standards and not from external source stocks. This will remove the bias contributed by an externally prepared stock and focus on any potential bias introduced by the field sample matrix.


Fortified samples that exceed the calibration range must be diluted to be within the linear range. In the event that the fortified level is less than the observed native level of the unfortified matrix, the recovery should not be calculated.

This is due to the difficulty in calculating accurate recoveries epa method 317 the fortified concentration when the native sample concentration to fortified concentration epa method 317 is greater than one.

Bromate determination with EPA methods and | Laboratory Talk

Percent recovery should be calculated using the following equation: Repeated failure to meet suggested recovery criteria indicates potential problems with the procedure and should be investigated. Initially, the field sample is analyzed and chlorite, chlorate and bromide levels are determined.

Then, a second aliquot of field sample ispretreated to remove chlorite, as described in Section A third aliquot of the field sample then must be fortified with bromate, pretreated as described in Section This additional QC is required to rule out matrix effects and to confirm that the laboratory performed the chlorite removal step Section epa method 317 This LFM should be fortified with bromate at concentrations close epa method 317 but greater than the level determined in the native sample.

Recoveries are determined as described above Section 9. Poor recoveries could be the result of imprecise sample injection or analyst epa method 317 errors. If the second analysis also fails the recovery criterion, report all data for that sample as suspect.

The sample matrix selected for this duplicate analysis must contain measurable concentrations of the target anions in order to establish the precision of the analysis set and insure the quality of the data.

If none of the samples within an analysis batch have measurable epa method 317, the LFM should be repeated as a laboratory duplicate.

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