Ok guys, I've been reading though this classic text and some tricks seem to have good potential while others seem to be just marginal. I haven't  Encyclopedia of Card Tricks - Best Tricks? Entertainment magic can be divided into four main categories: sleight of hand, also known as prestidigitation or close-up magic, consisting of tricks done close to. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This page contains a list of magic tricks. In magic literature, tricks are often called effects.‎Magic tricks · ‎Close-up effects · ‎Utilities/Accessories.


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A magician requests a volunteer to "pick a card, any card" from a deck. With a flourish the magician shows the card to the volunteer and asks "is this your card?

The magician asks, "will you look at that first card again? Restoration A rope is cut into two pieces, the two pieces are tied together, and the knot mysteriously vanishes, leaving one unbroken piece of rope.

A newspaper is torn encyclopedia of magic tricks bits. The magician rubs the pieces together and the newspaper becomes whole. A woman is sawn into two separate parts and then magically rejoined.

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A card is torn in fourths and then restored piece by piece to a normal state. Teleportation A "teleportation" transfers an object from one place to another.

Magic (Illusion) - New World Encyclopedia

A coin is encyclopedia of magic tricks, then later found inside a tightly bound bag, which is inside a box that is tied shut, inside "another" box, which is in a locked box—all of which were on the other side of the stage. The magician locks his assistant in a cage, then locks himself in another.

Both cages are uncovered and the pair have magically exchanged places, creating a "transposition": Levitation The magician "puts his assistant into a trance" and then floats him or her up and into the air, passing a ring around his or her body as proof that there are 'no encyclopedia of magic tricks supporting them.

A close-up artist wads up your dollar bill and then floats it in the air. A playing card hovers over a deck of cards. A penny on an open palm rises onto its edge on command. A scarf dances in a sealed bottle. Penetration "Penetration" is when one solid object passes through another, as in such old standbys as "the Linking Rings" a magical effect the magician creates by seemingly passing solid steel rings through one another and "Cups and Balls" in which the balls appear to pass through the bottom of an inverted cup to the table below.

Magic Tricks

Of course, there are tricks that may not fit neatly into one of the above categories. Some more complex illusions may fall into several categories. Others, like a magician's escape from a straight encyclopedia of magic tricks or a locked box, may be loosely categorized as "penetration" or "teleportation," but may also be considered a category all their own.

Famous illusionists Chung Ling Soo: Born inWilliam Robinson stole the persona of Chung Ling Soo, and became known as "the marvelous Chinese conjurer," one of the most famous magicians in England. Unable to smoothly deliver the vocal patter during an act, Robinson had found success with an act he performed in silence, claiming not to speak English.

The real Chung Ling Soo, arriving in England years later, was accused of being a fake. InRobinson met his demise during a trick where he caught two bullets in his teeth; something went wrong, and a encyclopedia of magic tricks bullet was fired at him, piercing his lung.


Born inHarry Houdini is perhaps best known for his abilities as an escape artist.

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