En este estudio se compararon 4 métodos de medición de la función renal con la depuración de inulina. Métodos. Se realizó depuración de inulina, tecnecio y. Como resultado, el aclaramiento renal de inulina se considera el estándar de oro para medir la TFG 7. La técnica demostrada representa el enfoque tradicional. Depuración renal. Desembarazo de sustancias nocivas, también llamado aclaramiento o purificación. MEDICIÓN DE FLUJO SANGUÍNEO.


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Differential diagnosis is made depuracion renal fractional uric acid excretion with the identification of urate transporters and intracellular proteins involved in the tubular transport of uric acid.


This review examines current knowledge on uric acid tubular transport and the various clinical situations of hypouricemia. Renal tubular transport of uric acid Palabras Clave: Sin embargo, en depuracion renal, Berliner et al.

Levey formula Palabras Clave: This has led to the search for other markers that would make it possible to calculate GFR precisely and with greater ease, especially in a clinical setting. Depuracion renal creatinine levels are not considered appropriate as the only measurement of renal function, especially for the detection of early stages of chronic renal failure and, in cases of advanced kidney disease, basically due to the tubular secretion component.

However, depuracion renal also decreases radiation exposure and allows fast GFR assessment.


Furthermore, DTPA is exclusively excreted by the kidney. Creatinine clearance in 24 hour urine has been a widely depuracion renal tool, but in some patients children, elderly, patients with depuracion renal conditions errors are frequently seen due to incomplete collection of urine samples.

Meanwhile, different formulas have been developed to estimate renal clearance. One of the most widely used is the one proposed in by Cockcroft and Gault,9 and, more recently the equation developed by Levey as part of the MDRD Study Modification of Diet in Renal Disease depuracion renal however, these formulae have shown variable results according to the population studied.

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Identification and appropriate stratification of patients with renal disease is an important component of clinical nephrology. Consequently, early depuracion renal can be implemented, preventing complications and progression of renal damage. Our objective was to compare four methods for measuring GFR technetium clearance, creatinine clearance, Cockroft formula and Levey formula with inulin clearance, as to correlation and concordance.

We excluded pregnant women, patients with anatomical alterations that made it impossible depuracion renal appropriately collect urine pelvic conditions or prostate diseasepatients that were receiving renal function substitution peritoneal dialysis or haemodialysis and patients who could not ingest water due to medical contraindications.


All patients depuracion renal prescribed a daily water intake of at least 2 litres for 72 hours prior to the study. The studies started at depuracion renal The administration of inulin was begun at the end of the hydration periods with a loading dose of After a 60 minute balance period, sampling was begun urine and blood every half hour for 5 periods.

The urine samples were taken by spontaneous voiding, and the blood samples, by venopuncture of the contralateral arm to the one receiving the infusion. The first samples of urine and depuracion renal described in the protocol were analysed.

Hipouricemia y manejo renal del ácido úrico

Urine and blood samples were also used to measure the corresponding creatinine concentrations for each period. Estimation depuracion renal creatinine clearance using the Cockroft-Gault formula was performed according to the depuracion renal description: The Bland and Altman12 method was used to determine concordance between two tests.

A transversal, observational and descriptive study that included 19 patients with common variable immunodeficiency, 12 women and 7 men, mean age 36 years, was done. Descriptive statistics with mean, median, mode and standard deviation was used.

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To depuracion renal the concordance of the measurements for quantitative variables intraclass correlation coefficient was used and to determine the correlation between the stages of renal function with different formulas kappa index was calculated.

Glomerular filtration rate obtained with CKD-EPI proved to be partially most useful, with a good correlation in depuracion renal to urine creatinine clearance in 24 h.

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