Why the censored 'Game of Thrones' on Indian television is so much better than you think. You don't have to endure the often pointless sex or. Game of Thrones. Trouble is brewing in Westeros. For the inhabitants of this world, control of the Iron Throne holds the lure of great power and far-reaching. Check out VidAngel (streaming) or ClearPlay (dvd player which edits out scenes). Is it possible to miss some fun if I watch the Chinese censored version of Game of Thrones? It would be impossible to create a censored version of Game of Thrones because oftentimes, during nude scenes Where can I find The Game Of Thrones censored to PG 13 version.


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Consider the scene in which Daario pledges himself to Daenerys while she's bathing.

Why the censored ‘Game of Thrones’ on Indian television is so much better than you think

Without that scene, how would his presence in her council be explained? Heck, consider the scene with the birth of dragons. Could you take that out of Game of Thrones?

You could say the same for Robb and Talisa's talk about her being pregnant while she was nakedvarious Season 1 scenes in which Ned or Catelyn talk to Littlefinger in the brothel with prostitutes all around, etc.

Watch the scene where the two whores are ordered around by Littlefinger and censored game of thrones your eyes censored game of thrones you need an example He gives his whole back story very straight forwardly, allowing the viewer in his head without departing from the format of the show.


The violence would be even harder to censor, I imagine. There have only been 2 maybe 3 episodes without a character's death. You can always read the books though. This is not a foolproof safeguard against the frequent tediousness of the show.

But it does censored game of thrones reduce the length of each episode. Play A featurette on Dorne from Game of Censored game of thrones.

Of course, I might feel this way because I have only ever watched a truncated version of Game of Thrones. Well before Indian censors got their hands on the show, I had found myself unspeakably bored by all the sex and violence, and began to skip past most of those scenes instead, before abandoning the show altogether.

Where do I watch the censored version of Game of Thrones? - Quora

And the only reason I returned to the show at all was the censored version on television. I succumbed to peer conversations and began to watch the show sometime censored game of thrones the middle ofwhile the fourth season was playing in the United States of America.

I went through the censored game of thrones, uncensored first season with excitement, hung on through the second season and halfway through the third gave up the show as a lost cause because the plot just did not move. It was not that the premise of Game of Thrones was entirely dull.

The censored ‘Game of Thrones’ on Indian television is much better than you think

I substituted the fourth and half of the fifth seasons with Wikipedia plot summaries because I wanted to keep pace with developments. I was just too lazy to bother to sit through it myself. Ramsay Bolton tortures Theon Greyjoy.


Home Box office, Inc. And then, browsing idly through television censored game of thrones with my mother just before the sixth season began to air inwe came across censored reruns of the fifth season late one night.

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