Composição: Harry Warren / Mack Gordon Cifra Club - seu site de cifras e tablaturas. Tipo de gaita: Diatônica Tom: qualquer 6 7 -8 8 -8 7 -6 6 At last, my love. Instantly view and print Harry Warren Choral sheet music online — At Last. At Last by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren As made famous by Etta James.


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In fact, At last harry warren Warren and Mack Gordon wrote a quintet of songs for Orchestra Wives, and the two that haven't lasted would have sounded pretty good in most circumstances. Had the United States Government not considered it unhelpful to the war effort, "That's Sabotage", in particular, might have taken off: But the three big songs from the film are on another scale.

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Last week, we featured the splashy production number, " I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo", so today we're going with the two ballads. One of them - thanks to an assist from Etta James and then Barack Obama - is bigger today than it's ever been: At Last My love has come along My lonely days are over And life is like a song In fact, very few lives are like this song.

I doubt any of the brides who pick "At Last" know that we owe its existence to the film Orchestra Wives, notwithstanding that so many of them choose to become at last harry warren by at last harry warren to an orchestra playing this ancient song.

As mentioned last week, while the song proper was introduced in Orchestra Wives, the musical half of it was heard a year earlier in Glenn Miller's previous picture Sun Valley Serenade.

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After seeing a preview of the film, Daryl Zanuck, who headed 20th Century Fox, pronounced: Let's save that one for the next. And if any moviegoers said, "Hey, that tune that goes 'Da-da!

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Da-da da-da da-dee' is pretty good. Wonder if there are any words to it", no one let 'em in on the secret, and "At Last" was formally introduced to the world the following year by Ray Eberle and At last harry warren Bari.

I don't suppose those names resonate with many 21st century newlyweds, either.

Miss Bari was a working actress who, after years of at last harry warren work and receptionist roles, graduated to playing the man-eating "other woman" through the s. She did quite a few musicals, even though she had to be dubbed. On "At Last", her singing voice is provided by Pat Friday.

Ray Eberle didn't need his singing voice dubbed, but his acting might have benefited from it.

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He was a house singer with the Miller orchestra, and he must have thought he had it made when this ballad was dropped in his lap: My lonely days are at last harry warren And life is like a song In fact, by the time the film opened, he was no longer with the band.

In Junein Chicago, he got stuck in traffic and was late for rehearsal. Glenn Miller fired him on the spot.

At Last The skies above are blue Harry Warren, the song's composer, was a prodigious hit-maker, with 42 Top Ten songs between at last harry warrenand the runner-up, a long way back in the distance with a mere 33, Irving Berlin. But everybody knew Berlin's name, and no one knew Warren's - which is partly his fault, as he was born Salvatore Guaranga and by comparison "Harry Warren" sounds like the name you'd choose if you were going into an FBI witness-protection program.

He complained so much about his obscurity that it became, paradoxically, his principal claim to at last harry warren.

At Last Mack Gordon, Harry Warren; Lyrics - Mack Gordon, Harry Warren)

Warren was the churlish nobody who wrote beloved songs for everybody: There are also one-hit wonders whose one hit has a goofy at last harry warren attached to it. But, in posterity's bonus kick in the butt to Harry Warren, there are hardly any interesting stories attending the creation of the above spectacular catalogue.

Warren was an assignment writer, and, apprised of the assignment, he composed suitable music and turned it in with little fuss.

Other interesting: