One of the major new features in MVC 2 is templates. This is a feature that's similar to Dynamic Data for WebForms. Given an object. MVC is now available and shipping with Visual Studio 4. A new update to Microsoft's Model-View-Controller technologies, MVC 2. Another thing that release contains is the release candidate for MVC 2. However, that release is not the latest release of ASP.


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On top of that, the views become very small because the common HTML markup is in templates and is used over and over. Combine template helpers with one view model per view page, and this approach results in application with very small views and very structured and consistent markup.

The template helpers come with support for display pages as well as pages for form posting. asp net mvc 2

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I will cover each of these independently. Display Enhancements Listing 1 shows asp net mvc 2 HomeController. This controller uses the IGuestRepository for retrieving the most N recent guests. You can see here that we are leveraging the new DefaultValue attribute on the Index action.

The rest of the action merely maps the domain model into a view model that can be sent to the view for rendering.

List of Tables - MVC 2 in Action [Book]

Our view model class is GuestDto. This view model is just for display purposes and has two properties as shown in Listing 2. If this application gains a few more entities, I would quickly introduce the AutoMapper library to handle object-to-object asp net mvc 2.

Moving between domain model and view models requires mapping each way, and that code can become repetitive. AutoMapper reduces that chore to convention-based configuration and I highly recommend it.

Jimmy Bogard manages the AutoMapper open-source project. Jimmy harvested AutoMapper from several of his projects at Headspring Systems. You can find it at http: AutoMapper reduces that chore to convention-based configuration.

ASP.NET MVC 2 in Action by Matthew Hinze, Eric Hexter, Jimmy Bogard, Ben Scheirman, Jeffrey Palermo

Glance back at Figure 3 and you can see that you have customized the view by putting a box around each guest and floating the boxes left. The template helpers feature allows the definition of DisplayTemplates based on type. Display and Editor templates next to other views.

It makes no asp net mvc 2 which one you use and there is no performance difference as well. The one advantage to using ASPX for partial views is that you can asp net mvc 2 template partials using master pages.


The following two snippets show the sources for GuestDto. Not only does that render a text box for string values, but they also render labels.


I asp net mvc 2 completely overridden the default templating, which is very basic. Before you jump to conclusions, this is not a business rules engine or a comprehensive validation framework.

Microsoft has enhanced the default model binder so that it looks for any attributes that derive from: ValidationAttribute When it finds one of these, it runs the validation code in the attribute class to determine if there is a ModelState error to report.

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