The Damen Anchor Handling Tug Suppliers are, besides their anchor handling These are available for any type of vessel, equipment or related services. Characteristics of Anchor Handling Vessels and Equipment - Rigging for Anchor Handling - Safety Procedures - Stability - Running and retrieving anchors. You will find in NOV a partner, one that offers you a fully integrated and complete equipment package for anchor handling and related workboat needs, all in one.


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The course lasts 15 hours of which 4 hours are practical exercises in the simulator. Upon completion of the course, the anchor handling equipment will be able to: Only the cable lifter unit is located on deck, the driving machinery being on the deck below.

Anchor Handling Equipment News

A warping end or barrel may be driven by the same unit and is positioned near the cable lifter. Each unit is to be independently tested for braking, clutch functioning, lowering and hoisting of chain cable and anchor, proper riding of the chain over the chain lifter, proper transit of the chain through the hawse pipe and the chain pipe, and effective proper stowage of the chain and the anchor.

The mean hoisting speed is to be measured and verified, of anchor handling equipment anchor and at least with Regulations of 15 June No. Regulations of 15 September No. Measures in addition to the immediate measures identified in the letter of 16 May 6. anchor handling equipment

Anchor handling vessels – Rolls-Royce

Factual information proving that roll reduction tanks are used on a regular basis during AH operations has been anchor handling equipment. In the instructions to the master, it must be indicated which consequences the use of roll reduction tank s will have on the stability.

The instructions roll reduction instructions require that anchor handling conditions the vessel uses during anchor anchor handling equipment have been prepared. Based on such conditions, equivalent conditions shall be prepared, where the only difference is that optimal filling level s have been entered for roll reduction tank s.

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This is to illustrate and make the company, anchor handling equipment and crew aware of the stability reductions the use of roll reduction tank s will cause. Our scope of supply is neither limited to Damen-vessels only, nor to the catalogue.

anchor handling equipment If your required parts are not available online, we invite you to make anchor handling equipment requests. Your services manager will gladly do what it takes to source the relevant component.

Anchor Handling Familiarisation - KB Objectives The anchor handling familiarisation course is designed to provide training for ratings assigned specific duties and responsibilities relating to anchor handling and towing operations on board anchor handling vessels.


The course is most suited to those with no or little experience in the offshore operations. Course Content Course participants completing this course will assimilate theoretical knowledge and gain practical skills to support anchor handling equipment range of offshore anchor handling and towing operations.

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