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And since there was so much, so many names, stories and references, it did need a bit of concentration to keep up. And in a 7 secrets of goddess where the Goddess has so many names, so many faces, so many temples, so many forms, this book should be made mandatory reading.

And after this book, I have the urge to 7 secrets of goddess some of those numerous Amman movies that were a thing in Tamil cinema some years ago.

: 7 Secrets of the Goddess eBook: DEVDUTT PATTANAIK: Kindle Store

Not because of anything else, but because of the way he makes mythology readable. In fact, according to me he is perhaps one of the first mythological writers who made readers, go out and pick up books on The Mahabharata or The Ramayana.

This time it is about the G Whenever Devdutt Pattanaik writes a book, it is 7 secrets of goddess be marveled on.


This time it is about the Goddess. It is about all of the Goddesses and this is what led me to read the book. I loved 7 secrets of goddess concept of it not being restricted to one Goddess, after all each of them is a manifestation of the other, so there cannot be one without the other anyway.

Devdutt explores mythology and religion differently than how his counterparts do. While the book is heavy on the names and incidents, the reading is lightened by the fact that not at one single moment, you feel that the writing is pedantic.

7 Secrets of the Goddess

What the book also manages to do is reveal the sides of 7 secrets of goddess and nature. There is always a balance there or perhaps it should be there and that is what is hinted at throughout. From his illustrations to easy-to-understand narrative, the chapters break-up in fact help the reader comprehend the book better, without it seeming to be an academic read.

While that may bother a pedant like me, it 7 secrets of goddess no difference whatsoever to his legions of admirers. In all his works, Pattanaik presents us with confident and dynamic ideas and beliefs for a modern age, ideas loosely rooted in an ancient past, now packaged for 21st century seekers of spiritual wisdom.

Book Review | 7 Secrets Of The Goddess - Livemint

Even for her worshippers, though, the goddess is able to hold these many contradictions within 7 secrets of goddess, with no discomfort to anyone. These take us through a generic, universal mother goddess, five of the classical largely Puranic Hindu female 7 secrets of goddess and one folk goddess from western India.

He sweeps across centuries and cultures, languages and sects, to provide us with an idiosyncratic religious history of the female deity and her symbols. Westland, pages, Rs. But there is a subtle difference.


The author also writes about Vitthai, the 'mother Vitthal' in the eyes of Maharashtra's sage Dnyaneshwar. Nov 20, Goddess Kali stands on Lord Shiva's chest; is this female domination?

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